Comments on Skyforge (MMO)

Skyforge is a MMORPG published by It has a wonderful soundtrack, beautiful graphics, character customization (skills and appearance), and even action combat. However, after a few hours of playing the game, I found boredom slowly creeping into the experience. Perhaps I am writing this post because I want to share my thoughts somewhere.

Skyforge has stunning environments which clearly demonstrate the effort and creativity of the map designers; there are forests painted in the colors of Fall with clear skies above, ancient ruins in the process of being reclaimed by nature, hi-tech facilities with out of the world technology, and more. However, it’s a shame that the unique environments are populated by simple minded ‘mobs’ which just stand around until provoked by a player. Traversing the world of Skyforge feels more like staring at a static painting rather than moving around in a living world.

If moving around in a world that feels dead isn’t bad enough, the quests are similarly disappointing. The task for most quests is to run to a destination (generally pretty far away from where you are) and then interact with an object or kill something there. While the quests may describe the target as dangerous, all I found were robots or people who were standing around being completely harmless. The player character is probably the biggest ‘danger’ to the citizens in the Skyforge world for all the destruction they bring everywhere they go.

“Ok, ok, I get it, the world feels dead, but is there anything good about Skyforge?” Actually, there’s a lot that the game does right and I imagine this is why there are still players around. Players can customize the appearance and skills of their characters. There is some flexibility in the growth of player class. Players are allowed to change their class; this is a pretty rare feature. The voice acting is worth listening to if it’s actually functioning. The soundtrack fits the environment in which it’s playing. Player skills look flashy and ‘cool’. In short, the game looks great.

If graphics are enough to make your gaming experience enjoyable, then Skyforge may be the game for you; however, if simple mechanics and bland quests are not your cup of tea, you may want to look elsewhere.





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