Mac Shortcuts & Tips

Just got a Macbook Pro recently and I was confused on how to do the simplest things… so, I am sharing my findings here. For the Mac users here, feel free to comment with more shortcuts and tips that are useful.

To delete a file in Finder:
Click on the desired file to delete, use command + delete
The file will be sent to Trash.

To jump to the left or right ends of a line:
Usage: command + (left / right arrow)

To jump a single word:
Usage: option + (left / right arrow)

The above two jump commands can also be used to select text:
Usage: jump command + shift

To change the user icon with a picture not on the selection screen:
Simply drag & drop the desired image to the user image in Users & Groups.

To add an application to the dock (bar on the bottom):
Simply drag & drop the desired application to the dock.

To force close an application: (Similar to Window’s Ctrl + Alt + Del)
Usage: control + option + esc

Seems like drag & drop is a common thing in Mac OS; perhaps it’s a good idea to try that first when things aren’t working properly. Anyways, that’s all for my first day with the Macbook Pro!

EDIT: Here are some more useful shortcuts!
To put the Macbook Pro to sleep:
Usage: fn + control + shift + (power button)


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